Deputy mayor

Bc. Stefan Kašák - Deputy Mayor

Duties and responsibilities

Mayor during the absence or does not present bilosti-performance functions represented by Deputy Mayor on a proposal to this end, select a rule for the entire term of the municipal council of the municipality representatives. The municipal council may deputy mayor revoked at any time; if the disqualification mayor before the expiry of the term of office and not elected deputy mayor, will do so of its own motion mayor. (2) If it is established in the village municipal council, the deputy mayor for its entire existence throughout their term of its members. Deputy mayor at the time represented the mayor convened and chaired a meeting of the municipal council. (3) The municipal council on a proposal from the mayor appoint the circuit operations and activities that the deputy mayor is entitled to exercise. (4) Deputy Mayor shall convene the municipal council in the cases under § 13a. if not convene mayor. (5) If the disqualification mayor before expiration of the term [§ 13a. 1 point. c) to i)], performs the role of the Mayor fully deputy mayor. Representation will end the oath of office of the newly elected mayor. (6) the deputy mayor, who performs the role of the Mayor in accordance with paragraph 5, includes a salary under a special law.


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