Basic informations

Voluntary Fire Brigade municipalities (DHZ)

The village has set up pursuant to Law no. 314/2001 Coll. from. on fire protection to fulfill the tasks related to the implementation of a fire and rescue services to the voluntary fire brigade of the village Mushroom.

The village does not have to set up a voluntary fire brigade of the village, where the number of inhabitants is less than 500, or if an agreement between the municipality and the Fire and Rescue Service, a legal entity or natural person - entrepreneur based in community or civic association included in the nationwide deployment of forces and means will perform the role of the voluntary fire brigade municipality Fire and rescue Service, fire unit of the legal entity or natural person - entrepreneur or civic organization included in the nationwide deployment of forces and means.

Municipalities may establish by written agreement of joint voluntary fire brigade municipality after consultation with the relevant Regional Directorate. If the municipality does not establish voluntary fire department or municipality has jointly established a voluntary fire brigade of the village, up a fire patrol the village.

Commander of the voluntary fire brigade municipality appointed and dismissed by the municipality. Currently appointed commander DHZ Erik Špidus.

The basic organizational unit of the fire unit is cooperative. A team consists of the commander and three other people to eight people

A member of the voluntary fire brigade of the village can only be a person older than 18 years, physically capable and legally competent. The current members of DHZ Mushroom are:

  1. Erik Špidus - Commander
  2. Dušan Špidus - Chairman
  3. Paul Babala
  4. Paul Babala younger
  5. Stanislav Dutka
  6. Peter Filický
  7. Juraj Olos
  8. Luke Klenec
  9. Dušan Butcher
  10. Michael Butcher
  11. Martin Pikla
  12. Innocent Stranovský
  13. Karol Žihlavník
  14. Peter Zbavitel

Voluntary Fire Brigade Mushroom village is included in the nationwide deployment of forces and means of fire brigades in the Slovak Republic within the meaning of Section 3 ods.1 of the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic no. 611/2006 Zb.z. the Fire Brigades.

The municipality may request the inclusion of the voluntary fire brigade in the village category volunteer fire departments through the village Voluntary fire protection. DHZ village Mushroom is categorized as "B"

obligations village

The municipality is obliged:

a) participate in its scope to create the conditions to implement the tasks of fire protection for legal persons established,

b) establish a voluntary fire brigade village on firefighting and implementation of rescue, if it is not stated otherwise; maintain its capacity for action and ensure its material and technical equipment,

c) provide training voluntary fire brigade Area,

d) develop and maintain documentation of fire protection community,

e) ensure the construction and maintenance of fire station or firehouse, ensure water supplies for firefighting and keep them in usable condition, establish fire pickets and other places where they can report the fire.

f) identify and sustain free boarding areas and access roads that are part of intervention routes to carry fire-fighting, fire brigades,

g) perform the tasks of legal entities and natural persons-entrepreneurs under this Act in relation to their own property,

h) perform preventive and educational activities.

Details about the documentation of the village on fire protection, the type, content and the method of drafting and marking parking areas and access roads generally binding legal regulation issued by the Ministry.


Land Community Urbár Mushroom

 There Mushroom has its registered office and community land Urbár Mushroom, at the municipal office - Poľná 70/70, which provides for the management of common property within the meaning of the Act no. 97/2013 Coll on land associations cadastral Mushroom, Ľubochňa and Ruzomberok. Chairman of the Community Bartholomew behavior.


The village is also actively meet members of the Union of Pensioners - a branch of Mushroom.


Its registered office there are also civic associations: Tramp Mushroom - tourists, TJ Polana Mushroom Theater Mushroom whose activity annually and supports community Mushroom from its budget through the provision of a subsidy based on the existing legal regulation (VZN) No. 1/2015


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